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How to Survive a Bear Attack

How to Survive a Bear Attack

Image Credit: Luke Jones

If you find yourself in a survival situation in wilderness, or you are camping in wild, chances are you will encounter some wild animals. If you are in an area which has a good population of bears, your life is in danger if you do not know what to do in case of an encounter with a bear. Here we will discuss what you should do, if you come face to face with a bear in the wild.

First of all, you should try your best to stay away from the trouble. You don’t want to surprise a bear. Bears are normally shy and avoid humans. But if you surprise them, they will become aggressive and will charge you. To prevent such confrontation, you can wear a bell, or you can keep talking or singing in loud voice. This will normally keep the bears away from you.

Suppose you suddenly do get face to face with a bear, you can protect yourself in different ways based on what type of bear it is. If it’s the mighty Grizzly bear, you should start moving back very slowly and do not run. If it’s a black bear try to be aggressive and fight back.

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