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Unbelievable Uses For Used Tea Bags

Unbelievable Uses For Used Tea Bags


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I drink tea all the time and just toss the tea bag once it’s served it’s purpose. In fact I have been doing this all my life. Little did I know that a used tea bag has a lot of uses that are not only outstanding but mind boggling too.

If you drink green tea, black tea, earl grey, oolong or herbal tea, the bags can be used too. Which is great because I drink them all on a regular basis.

These uses can be very helpful in everyday life, the uses range from; relieving puffy eyes to removing bad odor. With a lot more to boot! Check out these uses and let me know what you think. I may have to get the hubby drinking tea so I can stockpile them.

Unbelievable Uses For Used Tea Bags

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