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Totally Awesome DIY Indoor Forts

Totally Awesome DIY Indoor Forts

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Watch the creativity flow from your loved ones with these indoor fort ideas. These are just too cute to pass up. When I was little we made forts out of the foam puzzle pieces, they were about a foot square and the best. My friends and I spent days in there.

I visited my nephews not too long ago. I was stuck with babysitting so I decided to go ahead and try out one of these forts. We had an absolute blast. We just used the old moving boxes and cut them into homes. We even had a store to buy food in. The fun never ended, well until my brother came home and I had to pay for the now play fort moving boxes. For only $20, they kids were tuckered out, so a win/win. Check out all of the ideas here.

Totally Awesome Indoor Forts

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