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Shelving in between Studs

Shelving in between Studs

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There is a certain level of resourcefulness that comes from a project such as this. Just finding the right spot to add extra space in your home is a difficult task. The fact that you had to think of it before hand is just as surprising, unless you have an article like this to help you along.

I decided to go ahead and fit a shelf into my house. Finding the studs is the easy part, once you have you get to demolish that very accurate space. Just make sure there aren’t any wires, pipes, too much installation. It took me a bit to find a spot without all of these fun wall installments, but once I got past these hurtles, it became really easy. Since you will be drilling into the sides of the studs for support, you get more weight to put on the shelves. Check out the design here.

Shelving in between Studs

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