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How To Plank A Popcorn Ceiling

How To Plank A Popcorn Ceiling

How To Plank A Popcorn Ceiling

Image Credit: hometalk.com

Has anyone had the displeasure of dealing with popcorn ceilings? I think popcorn ceilings look horrible, and quite frankly lazy people put them up, because they didn’t want to texturize it. In addition to that, pop corn ceilings are a pain to maintenance if you get a cobweb stuck in them. It’s like you have to plan on scraping off a portion of your ceiling just to make it look clean.

There are many methods out there to get rid of your pop corn ceiling, including using a spray bottle and scraper, but if you want to give your home a “down home” feel, try planing it. Take a look at the image above, it reminds me of a cabin.

If you guys are looking at getting this DIY done for yourself, check out “Home Talk” and read the full length tutorial. The article will educate you to the point where you’re going to need to break out a pen and paper, or at least print out the instructions.

How To Plank A Popcorn

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