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How To Make An Infinity LED mirror

How To Make An Infinity LED mirror

How To Make An Infinity LED mirror

Image Credit: BrentGarrison

Well, I think I have just found the coolest DIY mirror project I have ever seen! I had never even heard or seen a mirror like this until I went to visit my aunt. She got crafty one day and made one, she used green LED’s and I was immediately in awe of it.

I got home and searched the interwebs for a project like hers and found this one I am sharing with you today. (It’s better than hers, I promise. Don’t tell her that either) It’s called an infinity mirror and this would go well in any kids bedroom. Heck, this will go well in any room, in my opinion. Swap out the led lights for what ever color or colors you want and this will quite possibly be the talking point of your house for months!

How To Make An Infinity LED mirror

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