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How To Build A Monogram Planter (Any Letter)

How To Build A Monogram Planter (Any Letter)

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Transform the way you do your planting with these monogram planters. They are a lot of fun to pull together. Just set up a space and time to get all of the materials you will need and get to it. In no time you will have a planter that will be the envy of the neighbors.

I decided to go a bit crazy with mine. I cut it into four pieces and created a type of checker board. I have four different flowering plants in them and they just do so well together. In the planting trough be sure to have a good set of insulation for the dirt or the wood will start to rot out early. Give it a go and be sure to send us pics of the finished planter 🙂

How To Build A Monogram Planter (Any Letter)

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