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How To Build A Chicken Jungle Gym

How To Build A Chicken Jungle Gym

Image credit: petdiys.com

ImageCredit: backyardchickens.com

Here is a really cool system for your booming chicken population. It is important that they get as much room to maneuver as possible. A mobile chicken is a happy chicken. An A-frame design with the ability to add however many perch beams into the mix. This jungle gym in your pet’s play area is the next best thing.

It is very inexpensive. I built mine out of scrap wood and used a nail gun to get it all together. The only thing to watch for is not to put it too close to the fence. I had a braver chicken try the distance and it actually got pretty close. Ended up moving it several times. They do seem happier and also lay more eggs than before, so it’s a win-win. Check out the design here.

How To Build A Chicken Jungle Gym

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