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Home Made Awning Made Easy

Home Made Awning Made Easy

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I am out on the lake this last weekend and found my camper needed a few upgrades. As usual I went hunting down some good ideas and see if I could recreate or devise my own. That is when I found this article sharing their project on the camper awning. Looking at mine, I decided a cheap newer one would be better than the expensive antique that was on it.

During the week I stopped at multiple store to get the right PVC pipe that I needed. It actually is a very simple build. All that is needed is solid measurements and finding strong enough PVC. The Friday evening went by quickly. I took the old one down and slid the PVC into the older holdings. Drilled holes into the sides to make it movable and threw an opaque tarp for the top. Now half way through the weekend and it is doing a great job. Check out the article here.

Home Made Awning Made Easy

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