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Double Bin Trash and Recycling Bin

Double Bin Trash and Recycling Bin

Image Credit: www.ana-white.com

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This is the perfect project to get those recycle bins a better look. Even just a different look all together. The design is fairly simple for the two bin idea. It i just a bit of wood working since the design calls for hardwood. The adventurous and the carpenters out there will find this project fun.

It’s fairly handsome too. You can paint and stain the wood to fit your space.  Once I built mine, I placed it near the back door to the kitchen and made the whole thing dark wood and stain. It really fit the room and just molds it self into it. If you need, take your own measurements for the space you want it in. Here is the design to help.

Double Bin Trash and Recycling Bin

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