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DIY Tea Bags

DIY Tea Bags

DIY Tea Bags

Image Credit: nelliebellie.com

I LOVE tea. My granddad was British so we always used to have a good old cup of tea at lunch, we also dipped biscuits in it too. Ugh, now I need to go make a cup of tea! You can always buy tea ready made in tea bags but a lot of the time that sort of tea sucks! It’s put in a bleached bag and the leaves are old.

This way will let you make any flavor tea imaginable. You can buy loose leaf tea and make a mix fit for a king or queen. This tutorial is very simple but be sure to read it all as it contains some tips not many of us tea drinkers will know. Let me know what you think over on our Facebook page.

DIY Tea Bags – Make Any Flavor Tea Imaginable

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