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Citronella Soap Recipe For Gardners

Citronella Soap Recipe For Gardners

Citronella Soap Recipe For Gardners

Image Credit: Mick-Telkamp

I love gardening, I love the fresh air, I love the scent of soil and the birds chirping away. On the other hand I hate bugs, I hate mosquitoes and I hate fire ants. I have a solution though so don’t worry! Citronella soap.

This soap recipe smells pretty manly but if you are a female, I am sure this won’t bother you if you are getting down and dirty in the garden anyway. Citronella essential oil is the key active insect repellent within this recipe. If you have never tried citronella essential oil as a bug repellent, you need to. It works wonderfully. This soap is great at keeping most biting insects at bay.

Pennyroyal herb has been proven to repel flies and fleas very well.


To get started you will need to dissolve the grated Castile soap in 1/2 c. warm water (you can double the quantity of all the ingredients if you want to make a bigger batch), add in the remaining ingredients. Whip the soap mix until it doubles in volume. You will need an electric whisk for this (unless you are superman). After you have whipped the ingredients spoon into your molds, working as quickly as possible, if you do not have any molds, hand mold into round balls.

A little warning:

This soap should NOT be used by pregnant women due to the Pennyroyal herb has been known to have side effects for pregnant women. So if you are pregnant I would NOT add this herb to the soap.

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