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Easy To Make Anti-Mosquito Incense

Easy To Make Anti-Mosquito Incense

Easy To Make Anti-Mosquito Incense

Like 99.99 percent of the world’s population, I’d say I’m not very fond of mosquitos.  However, I think I’m even less fond of most mosquito repellants.  Even as a child, I would rather take the itchy welts I’d suffer at the hand of mosquitos than hose toxic chemicals onto my skin and face.  As such, I’m always on the lookout for a natural way to keep those nasty little bugs off of my body and those I love.

I recently came across the recipe for an all-natural loose incense which is not only not toxic or harmful, but also effective!


Mortar and Pestle

4 small bowls

Gram Scale of Measuring Spoons

Wax Paper – to protect your work area

Makko Powder or Charcoal

White Ash

Loose Incense Burner

Small Charcoal Tongs 


Whole Dried Cloves 

Dried Rosemary 

Dried Star Anise 

Frankincense Resin 

The Process: 

Measure out 2 parts of dried clove to 1 part rosemary, 1 part star anise, and 2 parts frozen frankincense resin into separate bowls. Store the bowl of resin in the freezer until ready to grind.

Grind the cloves with the mortar and pestle or a burr grinder if you prefer, then return it to its bowl. Repeat with rosemary and star anise. Be sure to clean mortar and pestle after done with herbs.

To work the resin, first of all brace for a bit of a mess, then begin to break up the frozen pieces with the mortar and pestle.  When you’ve achieved some success and a mess, return the mortar to the freezer for a few minutes and try to round up as many stray pieces of frankincense as you can. Start grinding the resin again, and stop when it begins to get gummy and progress slows. Return to the freezer.  It may take a few rounds of grinding before the resin is small enough to mix with the other ingredients, but when it is ready, carefully return it to its bowl.

Start combining ingredients by adding the cloves, rosemary, and star anise to the mortar. Work with the pestle until they’re combined well.  Then add the resin and pestle again. Once mixing is complete, seal the incense and let it sit for one day before use. Clean mortar and pestle with coconut oil for best results.

Burning Instructions: 

If you are going to burn your incense with makko, start by filling your burner almost to the top with white ash, and tap the bottom of the bowl to condense it. Using your fingertip, make a shallow trail across the ash. Fill the depression with makko powder and press in lightly. Light one end of the powder trail and sprinkle incense over the top.

If you prefer charcoal as a method to burn your incense, fill the bowl of the burner almost to the top with ash, and again, tap the bottom of the bowl to condense it. Place the charcoal atop the ash and light it using a mini torch or something along those lines.  When a fine coating of gray ash covers appears on the coal add incense.

I’ve tried this method both ways and its really a matter of personal preference. Some prefer the convenience of charcoal while others prefer the smell of makko. I myself was just happy to bask in a mosquito free evening outdoors.

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