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27 Awesome Ways to Use Leftover Wine

27 Awesome Ways to Use Leftover Wine

Image Credit: greatist.com

My wife loves her wine. I do to some extent but not enough to drink it by the bottle. Wine is a great way to relax to spend a romantic evening with your partner/wife/husband. However, you know that when you open a bottle of wine, you often do not finish all of it, leaving you with several ounces of leftovers.

Instead of pouring that down the sink, you can really get your money’s worth out of that bottle by using that leftover wine for many other things. You will find that you actually look forward to leftover wine. Anisha Jhaveri shares an article over at greatist.com that will help you take that leftover wine and do great things with it. Start reducing the waste in your home today

See them at… 27 Awesome Ways to Use Leftover Wine

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