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10 DIY Porch Swing Plans

10 DIY Porch Swing Plans

10 DIY Porch Swing Plans

Image Credit: allsiteslike.com

How cool is this? I found 10 awesome porch swing plans over at freebies.about.com these beautiful porch swings can literally transform your outdated porch into a haven for friends and morning coffee time with your partner. I remember my gramps had one at his house that my brother and I grew up on… So many memories on it! I have been searching for the perfect one so my daughter can have the same experience and this one is perfect!

For those who have some basic power tools and skills to use them, this is a fun project that looks beautiful!. Do you have a porch swing? Which design is your favorite? Let us know back on Facebook, in the comments!

How To Build A DIY Porch Swing

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